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Hot water is a basic necessity in today’s society. Most people don’t need to take the time to figure out the reason why the hot water stopped working. They just need to call a plumber and get it fixed as soon as possible. The water heater is the most crucial part of a hot water system. It heats the water to the set temperature before it is fed into the plumbing system.

There are many reasons why an electric water heater might stop working. Some of these problems are related to the age of the unit, while others may be due to an electrical shortage or power surge. Water heaters can be highly durable, with the best brands on the market holding up for several years to come. But, with several people now opting for water heaters powered by electricity and gas, it’s becoming a lot more relevant than ever before.

Hot water can do a lot for your home, like helping your skin feel cleaner and softer whenever you shower. If you’re noticing some problems with hot water being more sporadic, this could mean that your electric water heater is causing a leak, or if you’re having problems in the kitchen, it could mean that you have water heater failure or a pipe issue. Occasionally, people will turn off their electric hot water system for some reason and forget to turn it back on again when they’re finished with their task.

Common Reasons Water Heaters Stop Working

  • Short Circuit

The most common occurrence is probably the electric circuit shorted out or was destroyed. Usually, this will occur in the hot water feed wires, and the heater will stop working. In some cases, the water heater may also malfunction if the water line connected to it has become damaged.

  • Power Outage or Fire Damage

If there is a power outage or an electric fire, the water heater may be the first thing to be damaged. This can occur when the water line or electric circuit is affected. The water heater might also have a burned-out fuel valve, or the gas control valve cannot release gas.

The gas pressure in the tank could become depleted from age, or the fuel or fuel line has become contaminated. If the water heater is not immediately serviced, water may not heat up as usual.

  • Poor Maintenance

When the water heater is designed to be reliable, the aluminum housing of the water heater serves as the primary security barrier between the elements of the water heater and the elements of the environment. However, when a water heater is not well-maintained, rust may eat away at the aluminum shell, causing it to crack or break.

  • Power Surge

When a power surge occurs, the water heater may go through a short-circuit cycle, causing it to lose water pressure, regardless of the position of the water valve. In most cases, the power surge will come from outside because of power surges from appliances in the home or the workplace.

  • Clog or Buildup

One of the most likely causes is a clog or buildup around the water heater. This will cause water to pool up and not have enough room to move past it. The hot water will stop working because it can’t rise to the showerhead.

Additionally, the plumbing in your home might have a clog or blockage that is preventing hot water from flowing into your shower. Another possible issue is that the pump has failed inside the tank, which means you need an expert plumber to replace it before having hot running water again.

  • Worn Out or Old

The aging problem is the most common and the one most commonly referred to by plumbers. A water heater will last for about 25 years if the water heater is properly maintained. However, there are cases where an elderly water heater will break down during that period due to a weak connection, breakdown in the electrical circuit, or mechanical fault.

This can cause the water heater to stop working. In these cases, it is necessary to replace the entire water heater. The water heater can then be recycled and installed in a new home.

A Guide to Troubleshooting Hot Water Systems

A hot water system that does not work is one of the worst things to happen. It can cause significant discomfort, especially in winter. If you have difficulties with your hot water system, here are some steps to help you troubleshoot the problem:

  • Check if there is a power outage in your area.
  • Make sure that the electric connections are correctly connected and not loose.
  • Check if there is a broken pipe inside the wall.
  • Check valves are a safety feature that automatically opens when the temperature on the valve rises. This ensures your water heater doesn’t get overheated too rapidly, which in turn could cause your system to explode, so check your water heaters for these features regularly.

Your water heater should be fixed if you are not getting any hot water for a few days. If you see it happening regularly, you should call a plumber in the case that the problem goes on for weeks. These issues can all be fixed by skilled plumbers, so it’s worth doing so as soon as you see signs of a problem appearing.

Water Heaters With an Electrical Shortage or Power Surge

If an electric water heater stopped working, it might have something to do with the electrical system. In this case, call a plumber for electrical service and hot water repair. They will be able to identify and repair the problem quickly. If the electrical system is healthy and there is no power surge, fixing a broken water heater by following the instructions will not be complicated.

Just do the following and watch your water heater start working normally again. First, remove any unnecessary objects and debris that block the water flow. Don’t forget to check the connection between the water heater and the electrical system. You may need to take apart your water heater to locate the water leak and repair the hot water problem.

What to Look For in a Hot Water Heater

When choosing a new water heater, you will first need to look at the product’s features. What is the heater made of? Does it have an inclusive guarantee and warranty? Do you have to purchase an expensive replacement filter after the water heater stops working? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a new water heater.

This will ensure that you select a water heater that will meet your needs. The most important thing you need to look for is the unit’s efficiency and operation. Some brands of water heaters tend to be very efficient in providing your desired hot water temperature. An efficient water heater can deliver hot water to the full specifications set by your water heating system.

The efficiency of the water heater will be measured by its thermal efficiency. The lower the number, the more efficient the water heater is at delivering the hot water temperature to your plumbing system. If you are considering a water heater that is a little older, it is advisable to look for a water heater made from newer materials and has not been used as long as it has.

Replacing an Old Water Heater

Replacing an old or dirty water heater is not an easy task. However, a used water heater is a great alternative. A used water heater will not break down on you. It will have a higher resistance and will not need electricity to operate. It is also possible to repair a water heater without having to spend a lot of money.

With a little bit of experience, one can learn how to troubleshoot and fix electric, gas, and even solar water heater issues. Listed below are a few frequent causes of water heater failure:

  • The hot water faucet leaks
  • There is a clog in the hot water line
  • The water heater is running slow
  • The filter is not in good condition

Solutions for a Broken Water Heater

Exhaust fans are the first line of defense when it comes to fixing a broken water heater. With them running, you can get rid of the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris in the machine. Installing a two-speed system is a common way to increase airflow in the water heater. This will help the heater run at optimum speeds to get hot faster, and the water will heat up quickly.

Ventilation fans are essential to the running of a properly functioning water heater. However, you may not be able to get the exhaust fan to work because it might be blocked or clogged with dirt and debris.

  • Heating Element Replacement

Many different types of water heaters on the market perform other functions. All of these heating elements operate on a heat exchange principle. Some of these heaters are compact and cost-efficient.

These kinds of heaters are some of the easiest to replace. They often last for up to 10 years. Some water heaters use coils for their heating elements. These coils are usually made from copper. If your water heater uses an exposed coil, you should replace it immediately.

  • Dirty or Clogged Tank

If the tank is clogged with sediment, this can lead to a loss in water pressure and heat production. A clogged water heater tank will also shorten its life and increase your water bill.

Use a Licensed Plumber for your Broken Water Heater

Once an electric water heater has stopped working, you can start using cold water. At that time, the damage can be repaired in no time, but if the unit breaks before that, it will be impossible to fix it. If you have enough money saved, you can always call a plumber for new hot water installation.

However, if you have no money, there is no point in calling a plumber and having them repair your current water heater. Instead, you should start investing in a new one for the future. Fixing the damage caused by the broken water heater is relatively easy. If you have checked all of these steps and still cannot find any problem, contact an expert for professional help.


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