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Blocked Drains in Sydney, NSW

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We Unblock Your Drain FAST

Are you dealing with slow drainage, foul smells, or gurgling noises in your property? It's likely that your sewer lines or drain pipes are facing issues such as sewer blockages caused by food scraps, tree root intrusion, sanitary products, baby wipes, and other debris. Don't worry; at Hero Plumbing Sydney, we have a team of experienced plumbers who specialize in handling all types of drain issues.

It is very common for drains to become blocked over time. If you are experiencing a blocked drain, call the company in Sydney that has been providing effective plumbing solutions for many years – Hero Plumbing. Our team of experts can safely Unblock Drains Sydney-wide and make sure it is properly operating afterwards.

Swift Solutions to Your Drainage Problems:

Our drain specialists are equipped with drain snakes and high-pressure water jet blasters to provide reliable services for even the most stubborn blockages. Whether it's food particles, toilet paper, or any other debris causing the clog, we have the expertise to handle it efficiently.

CCTV Drain Cameras Inspections

We do not recommend planting Elm Tree near your property as their tree roots grow the fastest and can damage your pipes below ground. Tree root blockages account for almost half of the blocked drains we fix in Sydney. There are some other great options for trees to plant around sewage lines. We also provide CCTV camera inspection FREE with every jet blast.

Sydney Blocked Drain Services from $69

Drain blockages is the most common plumbing emergency Sydney residents call us for, on both residential and commercial properties. As you notice the signs of a blocked drain, you must call in a skilled and licensed plumber in Sydney. Our Hero Plumbing emergency blocked drain services are one of the most sought-after companies in Sydney and know precisely how crucial timely plumbing repairs are. We are committed to providing our clients with prompt and efficient services to make sure that the issue is fixed without any delay. We handle strata plumbing blocked drains, blocked sewer drains, blocked storm water drain jet blasting, drain cleaning and clogged drains Sydney wide. Drains cleared from the Upper North Shore to blocked drains in the Inner West, West Sydney or North Sydney.

Drain Cleaning & Drains Repair in Sydney

Drain blockages are common plumbing problems, on both residential and commercial properties. As you notice the signs of a blocked drain, you must call in a skilled and licensed plumber in Sydney. We at Hero Plumbing are one of the most sought-after companies in the industry and know precisely how crucial timely plumbing repairs are. We are committed to providing our clients with prompt and efficient services to make sure that the issue is fixed without any delay. Our highly skilled Hero Plumbing team of drain plumbers have been specifically trained in unblocking drains and fixing broken drains.

Emergency Drain Jet Blasting

All our Hero Plumbing vehicles are fully equipped with all the best drain clearing & locating technology. This allows us to not only find the blockage quicker, but also provide long term solutions rather than a temporary fix. Normal plumbers often do not have the knowledge or even the correct equipment to handle complex blocked drain jobs, and may cause more damage and mess to your property. Blocked drains in Sydney need to be handled by our Hero Plumbing Drain experts, so don’t waste your time or money on unqualified plumbers who aren’t qualified to get the job done properly. Contact us now.

Preventive Drain Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure! We recommend regular drain maintenance, including the use of drain strainers to keep food scraps and other particles from entering your sewer lines. Our expert team can guide you on proper drain cleaning methods to avoid future plumbing issues.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Hero Plumbing Sydney takes pride in offering top-notch customer service. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you, whether it's a drain emergency or routine drain cleaning services. We understand the inconvenience of blocked drains and strive to ensure your satisfaction with every plumbing job we undertake.

More Than Just Blocked Drains

Not only are Hero Plumbing blocked drain experts, we are a fully qualified plumbing company who can handle more than just blocked drain repair. We also specialise in leak detections services, gas fitting and gas plumber services, burst pipe emergencies, tap repair, kitchen sink installations and anything commercial plumbing or residential general plumbing services in Sydney.

Sydney's Top Blocked Drains Plumber

If your drainage system has seized or blocked, you want it cleared fast. If your drains have been clogged by items going down the drains which shouldn't have, or your toilet is clogged and overflowing, our Heros will come to the rescue. Our emergency plumbing team are Sydney plumbing experts who are trained in water jet blasting. Our friendly blocked drains plumbers always arrive on time, bring all the neccessary equipment and bring their smile, ready to change your water filters or clear your stormwater drain!

Blocked Drains Plumber Services

Blocked Stormwater

The Hero Plumbing team can handle all aspects of blocked stormwater in Sydney.

Blocked Toilets

Our Sydney blocked toilet repair experts are the top blocked toilet team Sydney wide.

Drain Inspection

A professional drain inspection can get to the heart of the issue if you continuously get blocked drains.

Blocked Sewers

A blocked sewer system in Sydney can cause all sorts of havoc to your drains. Let us fix your sewerage system.

Blocked Sinks

When your sinks are blocked, it can mean a number of things. From tree roots, to hair blockages and fats or oils. We can clear your Sydney blocked sinks.

Sewage Services

Our Sydney sewage services are not limited to blocked drains. We can install toilets, clear clogged toilets, install and unclog stormwater and more!

Pipe Relining Services

Your drains may be blocked because they are in need of professional pipe relining. Keep the pesky tree roots out of your drainage system with our state of the art Sydney pipe relining technology.

Professional Plumber Near You!

A professional plumber is never far away when you call a Hero Plumber! Whether you need and emergency plumber to fix leaking taps, a serious water leak, some appliance gas repair or a drain unblocker service to come right away. We have highpressure water drain clearing technology ready to fix blocked stormwater, sewer pipes and sewer lines. Any chance we get to use our clearing blocked drain technology, we'll take it! For Sydney plumbers who can clear blocked drains and more today, get in touch straight away!

Why Choose Our Drain Specialists?

At Hero Plumbing Sydney, our skilled team of drainage specialists utilises advanced equipment for drain cleaning and CCTV drain inspection cameras to accurately identify the exact location and nature of the blockage in your sewer drains or underground pipes. This enables us to offer a wide range of services, including drain clearing processes, pipe repairs, and jet blasting for minor blockages.

Expertise and Reliability

With years of experience in the plumbing industry, we have become a trusted name in Sydney. Our drain inspection cameras allow us to assess the situation accurately, and our skilled team ensures that the drain cleaning process is completed efficiently.

Don't let a drain issue disrupt your daily life. Contact Hero Plumbing Sydney for prompt and reliable blocked drain solutions. We are available 24/7 to handle any emergency plumbing situation. Let us help you keep your sewer drains and sewer lines clear and functioning smoothly!

Common signs to look out for when your drains are blocked in Sydney

If you notice smelly drains, slow draining in your bathroom sink or kitchen drains, or a rise in toilet water level, it's time to seek our professional help. Ignoring drain issues can lead to water damage and structural damage to your property, which can be expensive to repair. There are many culprits behind a blocked drain such as a build-up of grease, hair, food and another sediment that will eventually block your drain. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it might be time for you to call the professionals:

Blocked and Overflowing Drains
Gurgling sound and Movement of Water

A Request A Call From one of our Plumbers

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Gas Hero Plumbing Expert fixing a hot water systemLocal plumber on stand by
High Pressure Jetting
CCTV Drain Inspection
Blocked Storm Water

Our Customers

Christopher Chow

I called Hero Plumbing to unblock a shower drain and was unable to get a quote over the phone, but Sam the owner was here same day. After his first try, he made quick work of the blockage. I opted to also get the acid cleaner stuff poured down. Sam had run out, but made a trip to go pick some up to finish the job. If you opt for this treatment make sure you can easily air the bathroom as it’s extremely strong and produces a lot of fumes. Great Service and Honest Pricing.

Sarah Lincon

Hero Plumbing has been excellent since there first phone call.
I spoke to a gentlemen names Sam which he organised a technician to come and replace our hot water heater.
The technician was excellent called me 30mins before arrival explained the whole job to me and gave me an upfront price.
Excellent work Hero team.
We are a Hero member now and always look forward to working with them.

Jared Evans

We've used Hero Plumbing previously. Both times reliable and flexible with changing times (helpful during covid ISO periods!)
Hayden was on time and explained the issue clearly, fixed it,then also did some extra checks on water pressure and taps to ensure there were no underlying issues.
Would recommend their services.

Denzi K

Hero Plumbing has been our go to plumber for years.

They replaced our hot water system with excellent workmanship, professionalism and in a timely manner - as always!

Hayden Davidson

Brilliant service from the first phone call to Hero Plumbing as Sam the manager booked us in very efficiently. I received a confirmation  email, a phone call on approach and all went smoothly & work conducted was beautiful . The team did a great job even dig up on our sewer and cut concrete & repaired the issue and our sewer is running like a dream.
Thanks for your great efforts guys!


Victoria Barmina

I knew Sam when he was working alone. And from the first time I was pleasantly surprised by his work. A little later I found out that he has his own business. I am very happy about that. And I am very glad for myself that I have such a company that I can always rely on.

Thank you for your work. People need you very much.

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