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A gas leak is one of the significant issues that could affect the functioning of your gas appliances. The most important thing to understand with gas leaks is that undertaking a DIY fix is risky as gas is highly flammable, which increases the possibility of severe fires and explosions.

Therefore, if you detect a gas smell or suspect a gas leak on your property, do not attempt to deal with the issue yourself. So, who should you call for a gas leak? Read on to learn more about this.

Signs You Have A Gas Leak

Here are some of the potential signs that you will notice in the event of a gas leak in your home:

A whistling or hissing noise from your gas pipes

Sometimes the gas networks carrying natural gas into and through your house could develop small holes or cracks. Consequently, due to the pressure inside the gas pipes, the gas quickly comes out of these holes or cracks, making a whistling or hissing noise. If you assume there is a gas leak, shut off your gas appliances and try listening for the presence of such noises.

Gas smell

In the case of a possible gas leak, you might also smell gas, a smell that closely resembles that of hydrogen sulphide or rotten eggs. Naturally, gas doesn't have any smell. As a precaution, gas companies add a harmless chemical that gives the gas a rotten egg smell to help people detect gas leaks easily. So, if you experience this odour, you must act quickly.

Dying house plants

If you have any plants in your house, they could also help you detect gas leaks. It might be news to you, but if you find your plants turning brown, wilting, or dying, even with proper care, chances are high that they are being affected by an undetected gas leak. Gas leaks could also lead to constant water pool bubbling in some parts of your house.

Dangers Posed By A Gas Leak

A gas leak in your house could be fatal if not solved quickly. Some of the potential dangers of gas leaks in your home are as follows:

  • Fire and explosions
  • Health effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Severe health issues may include memory loss, loss of consciousness, tissue damage, nose bleeds, depression, or flatulence.
  • Fatal to your pets
  • Harmful to the environment

What To Do When You Locate A Gas Leak

When you detect a gas leak on your property, you should act immediately to mitigate the dangers associated with leaks by doing the following:

  • Start by opening all the doors and windows to let outside air into your indoor space, as gas can be fatal when inhaled.
  • Avoid turning on your electrical appliances or lighting a match.
  • Put your pets outside the house to breathe fresh air and immediately shut off the gas meter.
  • Call an emergency plumber to help fix the gas leak. This is necessary because if you try to resolve the issue yourself, you could undoubtedly cause more problems because of your lack of skills and knowledge on gas leaks.

Why Call A Gas Fitter Or Plumber To Fix A Gas Leak?

Here are some reasons why you must call a professional gas fitter or plumber once you detect a gas leak in your house.

Prompt services

Working with a skilled gas fitter ensures that the job is completed quickly and efficiently. They have the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake such jobs, so you can expect them to fix the leak promptly.

Regardless of the type of gas supply system on your property, these professionals know their way around various mechanisms so that they can solve the issue immediately. Additionally, most are available on a 24/7 basis, so you can call them any time of the day or even at night.

Invest in the right tools

A gas leak repair requires specific tools, some of which are pretty expensive to purchase or too complicated for an unskilled individual to use. On the other hand, expert plumbing companies are equipped with and understand the state-of-the-art tools necessary to fix the gas leak permanently.

Vast experience

Plumbers and gas fitters have vast experience working on gas systems and appliances. This allows them to accurately assess your gas networks and advise you on the best solution for the leak. They also understand the common problems homeowners face in Australia with their gas systems.

As a result, they provide long-lasting solutions to prevent the recurrence of a similar issue. Finally, their vast experience allows them to complete the gas leak repair job quickly and safely.

Guaranteed results

With a professional plumber or gas fitter, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality gas leak services. These professionals guarantee their work, so you can be sure they will offer you the desired results.

If you contract a qualified Australian gas fitter or plumber, they will give you a warranty for their work. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the system, they can offer repairs or make other necessary adjustments without charging you any cost.

Highest safety standards

Repairing a gas leak poses great risks if not done correctly. There are risks of injuries, damage to your home, or even death. A professional plumber understands all the risks involved in the process.

As a result, they observe the highest safety standards and procedures and apply all the necessary precautions to ensure that nothing goes wrong as they perform the repair job.

They ensure that the integrity of your property is not compromised during the process. They also protect themselves from all the hazards involved. Plumbers come equipped with all the safety materials and gear to protect themselves from danger.

Offer professional advice

A plumber won't just do the gas leak fixing. They offer advice on using and maintaining your gas systems and preventing common problems. Proper use and maintenance can prevent issues with your gas systems.

In addition, they advise on detecting when your gas appliances have problems so that you can seek professional help before the issues become severe and costlier.

Reduces stress and hassles

Working with a plumber helps you avoid the stress and hassles of trying to fix the gas leak yourself. You can sit and relax as the gas leak is fixed professionally. Your plumber could also help undertake the maintenance, inspection, and repairs of your gas systems, ensuring they always operate at optimum levels.

Provide other plumbing services

A professional plumber doesn't only provide gas leak services but also other plumbing services in your home. For instance, they could help with gas appliance repairs and emergency water leaks. They will work with you to guarantee that your entire plumbing system is always in good condition.

Choosing The Top Plumber For Your Gas Leak Issues

Many gas fitters and plumbers in Australia promise to offer high-quality work, but this is not always the case. So, you should apply due diligence to ensure you hire a professional who can provide you with highly satisfactory gas services.

Here are some considerations when choosing a plumber or gas fitter for your gas leak project.

Fully licensed and qualified

You should always pick a fully licensed professional for your gas leak issue. Before you engage in any form of consultation, you should check their licence number and ensure it is valid. You should also check the types of plumbing work they specialise in. You could confirm this by checking their portfolio of the projects they have handled before.


Plumbers in Australia are required to have liability insurance coverage. So, before hiring a plumber or gas fitter, check that they have this cover and any other necessary coverage. The cover ensures that you are fully protected in case of any damage or injury when the plumber is fixing your gas leak problem.

Transparent charges

Another essential factor to consider during the selection process is the cost charged by your potential plumber. You need to compare the price set by different plumbers so that you can settle on the one charging the most affordable based on your budget while still guaranteeing quality work.

Avoid going for some of the cheapest plumbers since they may offer low-quality work. Getting a complete quote from your plumber is essential before the job commences. This is crucial as it ensures you don't get bombarded with hidden charges afterwards.

Look for a local plumber

It's advisable to work with a local plumber instead of getting one located far from your home. A local plumber can understand your area's issues and charge a more affordable price for your project. It's also easy to know whether a local plumber is reputable. They are also easily accessible in case of an emergency gas leak problem.

Need Expert Gas Leak Repair Services?

If you detect a gas leak, avoid DIY fixing because of the risks involved. Leaving the gas leak fixing job to a professional gas fitter or plumber guarantees a long-lasting solution and prevents further dangers that might arise from your DIY attempts. Take time to compare different plumbers to get high-quality gas installation and ensure you get value from your gas systems and appliances.


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