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Knowing Your Gas Heater

Before you consider replacing or repairing your gas heater, be sure it does you justice and has served you for many years. They won’t take care of themselves, so you need to maintain and check on them regularly. Users are expected to recognise whether a device is filthy and when to clean it.

Only by paying attention to your furnace can you prevent having to replace it season after season. Stop purchasing a new portable gas heater every season if you have been doing so. The following gas heater maintenance advice can help your heater last for many more years.

Gas Heater Maintenance

Step One: Work in a safe environment

Because your Rinnai gas heater may malfunction at any moment, you need to take precautions to protect yourself. Please turn off your gas heater before you start cleaning and inspecting it. Check to see whether the furnace’s power system and any connected circuits are off.

To begin cleaning, look for any gas leaks first. Leaks of gas are very hazardous and may result in fatalities. If you discover a leak, call in a professional to repair it. Before it is fixed, stay away from any gas. Proceed with the cleaning once everything is in order.

Step Two: Replace the filter system

A gas heater’s filtration system is essential because it keeps debris from getting into the appliance. The filter should be replaced regularly by anybody who owns a gas heater, regardless of how often it is used. As a result, dust, grime, and other impurities are filtered and trapped.

Is your Rinnai heater filter light flashing? It could be due to dusty filters. Consider replacing the filters if blocked. They’re offered at a meager price. Prevent furnace malfunctions by changing the air filter.

Step Three: Adjust the heater temperature

Do you have the Rinnai Avenger gas heater set to a reasonable temperature but yet feel uneasy in the room? If your answer is yes, you should be aware that your Rinnai avenger gas heater has a fault, mainly if it has been functioning well for a long time. If your Rinnai gas heater no longer works, it’s time for a Rinnai gas heater service or to get a new one. Verify that the Rinnai gas heater is in good working order, and swap it out if necessary.

Step Four: Make sure the blower is clean

It will help if you clean the blower after the filter system has been cleaned. After the air filter, you’ll find the blower. If any dust, dirt, or debris gets past the air filter, they are sent to the blower.

To get rid of the collected dirt, you’ll need to clean the blower, pulleys, and belts. To get to the blower assembly, remove the filter panels. When cleaning the blower, use a moist towel.

Step Five: Clean and repair service ducts

When utilising a forced-air furnace, furnace ducts are particularly vulnerable to damage. If this is the case, regular duct cleaning with a powerful vacuum cleaner is needed. Then, seal up all of the vents so that no more air may seep into the furnace.

Step Six: Sanitise the vents

A venting system is used with a gas heater. Large quantities of dust and debris in the ventilation system may cause it to get clogged at some time. Airflow obstructions are hazardous because they put users at risk of a variety of dangers. It would be ideal if you cleaned the vents with a big brush.

Remove the vent cover and vacuum the inside of the unit.

Step Seven: Fan assessment

If you want to keep your gas heater in good working order, do a thorough check on it often. A professional inspection will prevent you from having to pay for gas heater repair expenses. In addition to a general examination, you should examine the components of the fan as well. If there’s dust or other debris on it, an assessment will show that.

Every year, make it a habit to get your gas heater inspected thoroughly. The job of cleaning and maintaining a gas heater is not tricky. A gas heater’s upkeep also isn’t too costly. You’ll save money, and you won’t have to purchase another gas heater for a long time. Clean your gas heater regardless of how much dirt or debris accumulates around it.

If your furnace is having serious issues, then you may need to call in a specialist. Make sure you don’t take any unnecessary risks. Follow the following maintenance advice to get the most life out of your gas heater.

DIY Rinnai Avenger Gas Heater Cleaning

It’s easy to clean a vent-free gas heater, so do it once or twice a year before you use it.

Step One: Remove the heater’s front panel

To begin, remove the heater’s front panel by unscrewing the three screws holding it in place. Screws are often found near the bottom of heaters, although some heaters may contain many.

Step Two: Use an upright vacuum

Purchase an upright vacuum with a brush attachment on the end of the hose to help remove the pet hair from the carpet.

Step Three: Remove dust and debris

Removing any surface dust from the heater and burner should be done using a vacuum cleaner.

Step Four: Utilise compressed air

Compressed air is required for the following step to remove the air mixing devices. This may be accomplished with either an essential air can or a compressor.

The pilot light assembly and the primary burner orifice, where gas is delivered to the burner, are the two most essential components to be cleaned.

Step Five: Clean the air intake vents

It is now time to clean the air intake ducts that go to the main burner. The primary burn intake may be found by following the gas supply tube up to the burner’s orifice.

Next, you will look for an air gap between the orifice and the burner; this is the intake that also collects oxygen from the room to fuel the burner.

Step Six: Check for a blocked component

A blocked component prevents the gas in the heater from being adequately mixed with the air, resulting in incomplete combustion. Once you’ve found it, use compressed air to blow any debris out of the aperture. Reinstall the heater’s front panel after using compressed air to clean up the burner port openings.

Cleaning Tools For Rinnai Gas Heater

User manual

It is essential to check all the necessary procedures to clean your indoor gas heater, not to void your warranty.


When it comes to cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of equipment. These handy household gadgets are capable of removing, lifting dirt and dust, and they provide a quick and easy method to clean the floor while also reducing allergy symptoms.

Clean water

Clean water should be used when cleaning the filter of your indoor gas heater.

Clean cloth

Clean cloth is recommended to clean up the accumulated dirt.

Preferred solution

You should look for a solution that suits your sense of smell. This is what you apply when cleaning your air filter. Remember that the smell of the solution would affect the odour of your house if the gas heater is in use.

When To Clean Your Rinnai Gas Heater

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your Rinnai indoor gas heater can operate on its top performance. Cleaning your Rinnai gas heater does not require weekly maintenance. You may clean it every six months and check to see if there are parts that you should replace.

Discuss this matter with Rinnai by contacting their technical department because some products may need more cleaning maintenance than other products.

Importance Of Cleaning Rinnai Gas Heater

Cleaning your portable gas heater regularly can save you money and improve your health.

Enhances the efficiency of your portable gas heater

As dust and dirt accumulate on your air filter, it becomes less effective, resulting in higher energy costs. Your unit has to work harder since your air filters are blocked and filthy, which reduces the amount of air it can move effectively.

When dust accumulates on your evaporator coil, it lowers the coil’s ability to absorb heat, further reducing efficiency and heating capacity.

Savings on your electric bills

Heating systems account for a substantial percentage of your monthly electricity use in the average home. A filthy gas heater uses more electricity since it has to work harder, which raises the cost of operation. This kind of gas heater often consumes five to ten percent more energy than standard models.

You may save money on your energy cost by cleaning your gas heater. Cleaning your gas heater will help it run more efficiently.

Minimising repairs and replacements

Remember that operating a filthy gas heater will ultimately lead to more severe issues, including total failure. The more dust and grime accumulate on your gas heater, the more difficult it will be to clean. Because the evaporator coils can’t correctly disperse heat, your device is prone to overheating.

Additionally, a professional cleaner may identify future issues with your device while cleaning it. This solution will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace your whole gas heater. Professional services are indeed more expensive, but they’re much cheaper compared to the expense of future repairs and replacement.

Improved air quality in the home

Your gas heater does more than heating your house; it also contributes to the cleanliness and wellness of the air that circulates inside it. In a filthy apartment, mold, fungus, bacteria, and other pathogens may flourish.

When you switch on your unit, particles are blasted into the room and pollute the air, putting you, your family, and your animals at risk for a range of respiratory infections and even setting off an attack of asthma in some people.

Keeping your gas heater clean and well-maintained has many advantages. It would help if you got your gas heater unit inspected and cleaned at least once per year by the Rinnai company.

Contact Rinnai Technical Department

You may contact Rinnai for the cleaning service they are offering on their products. You may be given free cleaning services and tips on properly maintaining your portable gas heater by contacting their technical department. It is essential to consult with them to ensure that you will not void the product’s warranty and your family’s safety.


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