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Benefits of Gas Heaters

Your gas heater can be beneficial for the following reasons.

First, it is a more affordable option than electric heating. It results in significant energy savings. Consequently, gas installation and gas heating systems are likely better than electric hot water systems in the long run.

Second, it is more efficient. This means that it heats the room more quickly and generates warmer air than electric heaters.

Third, gas heaters are pretty reliable. Consider its ability to keep working even when there is an electrical outage.

Furthermore, gas heating is both healthier and environmentally friendly. It provides more efficient energy than oil, coal, or wood. This is regardless of the brand of gas you use. Such gas models include LPG gas and Rinnai gas.

Benefits of Servicing your Gas Heater

These are some of the benefits of servicing your gas heater:

  • It helps you avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

Do you know that this odourless, colourless gas can kill silently? Exposure can lead to nausea, migraines, dizziness, and even death. Thus, a benefit of regularly servicing a gas heater is the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. It keeps you and your family safe.

A qualified gas fitting company can quickly have gas leaks detected and correct the situation.

  • It saves money and overall expenses on energy bills

When the technician lubricates those moving parts and replaces clogged filters, energy efficiency increases overall. The heater does not work as hard to heat your home. Consequently, you end up spending less on your monthly energy bill.

To illustrate this further, consider the cost of replacing the entire furnace due to a misfiring burner section. This could result if the controls are burnt. Indeed, the cost of replacing the controls and restoring proper operations will be close to that of replacing the entire gas hot water system.

  • Your gas heater lasts longer

Similarly, the heater will have a prolonged life span. After all, the heater runs smoothly and efficiently as a result of proper servicing. For instance, with servicing, accumulated dirt is removed, and worn-out parts are replaced. Likewise, the heat pump is checked, and the furnace is cleaned. This ends up reducing factors that lead to a shorter lifespan of the gas heater.

  • Your warranty remains valid

You can make use of your warranty for major costly repairs. That is if you meet the terms of the warranty. One such term usually requires you to service your furnace at least once a year. Failing to do that would result in automatically voiding the warranty.

  • You reduce health hazards and gas fires

Indeed, when you service your gas heater promptly, you reduce the health and fire hazards it can pose.

Signs your Gas Heater Needs Servicing or Heater Repairs

If the following signs occur, you may need to consider servicing your gas heater:

  • When the gas usage on your bill is increasing

This may indicate that the heating system is becoming less efficient.

  • A yellow flame or flickering flame

For a natural gas heating system, a yellow or flickering flame could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. The burner may not be firing correctly.

  • Soot, rust, or water leakage

Soot near the furnace or supply register is another likely sign there is carbon monoxide present. Thus, it may not be a bad idea to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Furthermore, you should consider servicing your heater if you notice excess rust on the flue piping. Likewise, water leaking from the vent, chimney, or flue pipe can be a sign.

  • Strange popping or rattling sounds from the furnace

When furnaces get old, they may produce strange sounds. Bangs, squeals, rattles, and pops, to name just a few of these sounds. In addition, the furnace blower may run excessively or irregularly. Thus, it could come on and off frequently or blow cold air. These are signs you may need to replace your furnace.

  • The pilot light functions irregularly

An irregular function could be pilot lights popping or banging when lighting. It could even be it going out unexpectedly.

  • Signs of overheating on walls and panels

Signs of heat damage could be discoloration of the walls or heater panels. You find the walls too hot to touch when the heater is on.

When Should you Get your Gas Heater Inspected?

In addition to the above signs, you should get your gas heater inspected in the following situations.

First, when the repair costs up to 50 percent of the replacement cost, you should replace the gas heater. The installation costs of the new gas hot water system would be justified. However, if the heating system is older than 20 years, you should lower the benchmark to 15%.

Moreover, the older the heating system gets, the less efficient the hot water system may become. This applies to different brands. In this case, examples of brands include:

  • Rheem hot water system
  • Thermann hot water system
  • Dux hot water system
  • Rinnai hot water system

Likewise, an inspection should be done for heating systems that are around 18 to 20 years old.

How Regularly Should you Service your Gas Heater

Ideally, experts recommend that a gas heater should be serviced regularly, at least once a year. Certainly, this service should be performed by licensed gasfitters.

What Does a Gas Heater Service Entail?

A well-functioning gas heater will have burners that ignite correctly. It will also properly vent flue gases outside the home. The following are some general steps that are followed in a gas heater service. First, the servicing appointment with the gas heater service contractor is fixed.

Second, they will do an overall assessment of the gas room heater. They may have to move the portable gas heater to their van. Other components may be checked in their usual positions.

Third, the heater is dismantled. The filter is cleaned, and the wiring harness is checked. Furthermore, other parts such as the solenoid valves, water filters, gas fitting, pilot injector, and fan are checked.

They should not forget to check the gas pressure, clean the thermal fuses and burner chambers. They also test PCB boards, remove dust, and do an overall safety check.

Moreover, they test the connections and check the integrity of the gas hose. In addition, they test for gas and carbon monoxide leaks. As an added benefit, they can perform any new gas heater installation for you.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs about a gas heater service:

  • Why is my gas heater showing error codes?

When this occurs, switch the unit off and on three times. After that, check if the gas valve is turned on. You may also clean the filters at the back. If the error codes persist, you may invite a gas heater professional.

  • What kind of gas heater do I need?

To answer this, your requirements and budget are considered.

Gas heaters are generally of two categories. First, flued gas heaters vent their emissions to the outside of your home. Second, unflued gas heaters vent emissions within your building. That is why unflued heaters have strict regulations guiding their site of installation. A flued gas heater is preferable if your room or rooms are small or with poor ventilation.

Furthermore, homes can have ducted heating, a gas fireplace, or a free-standing gas heater. Interestingly, you can also have an alfresco gas heater or a portable gas heater. Gas fitting professionals specialise in ducted heating, gas wall heaters, and gas heater repairs.

How Much Does a Gas Heater Service Cost?

A gas heater service cost can vary. Factors affecting it include the number of heating vents, return air vents, and motors that require cleaning. Other factors are the amount of work in servicing it back to good health and the location. For instance, the cost for a residential duct cleaning can be different from that for a commercial duct cleaning.

However, considering these factors, a gas heater service can cost from around $150+GST to $250.00+GST. Typically, a comprehensive gas heater service involves a check/test on all heater components and a carbon monoxide test. Sometimes, the carbon monoxide test is free.

Who Should Perform your Gas Heater Service?

Do you know that hiring a licensed professional helps maintain your gas heater warranty? Clearly, you need to choose a qualified gas service company. Check for their registration and the correct license endorsed for gas appliance repair and servicing.

Furthermore, they should be able to handle any related emergency gas issues. In addition, they should be trained entirely on managing risks of carbon monoxide spillage. As such, they can advise you on best practices for gas safety.

Furthermore, they should have the right equipment. Being competent means they should be able to work with gas heater models such as Paloma gas heater, Everdure gas heater, Rinnai gas heater, Superheat, and Vulcan.

Get a Quote for your Gas Heater

Preventive maintenance is all about preventing an even more significant problem when a device breaks down. When you see signs your gas heater needs servicing, you need an idea of how much a gas heater service costs. Thereafter, you would do well to choose the right gas heater service company. You should always call a plumber for a free quote on professional gas heater servicing and installation costs.


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