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Drain inspection

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Hero Plumbing - drain inspection in Sydney

The main cause of drain blockage is both organic and inorganic wastes, as well as fats and oils that stick to the walls of drain pipes. Timely drain inspection can help prevent emergencies, that’s why Hero Plumbing is offering you drain inspection services. For a correct selection of the method of cleaning or repairing drains, you should obtain the most accurate information about the condition of the drain. In order to get this information, we use high-tech drain inspection cameras that can determine the issues in your drains. This is by far the most effective solution available right now.

We inspect your drains

One of the main benefits of this service is that specialists can identify problems that occur through photos or images on the monitor, completely eliminating the need to dismantle the entire drain system, significantly reducing troubleshooting.

Trusted Sydney drain inspection

Our drain inspection service is a remote monitoring process that provides the ability to monitor the current status of drains of different diameters. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all Sydney suburbs. With more than 10 years of experience and with the help of our technical equipment, we can find the cause of the problem in your drain and eliminate it – quickly and reliably. Professional work, reliability, and friendliness towards our customers are the basis for a successful basis in the present as well as for the future. We take care of Sydney’s private households, commercial properties, industrial and public institutions.

Professional inspection services

We offer professional inspection services for your drains in your house or office. Our cameras are all state-of-the-art. Cameras with rotating and swivel heads or bendable cameras as well as self-propelled camera systems are used by our experts. This makes it possible for us to examine the drain thoroughly and produce effective solutions.

Here is what our inspection can find in your drains:

Damaged pipes
Garden Waste
Collapsed Pipes
Wet Wipes
Fats, Oil, Grease
Root Infestations

Your Hero options

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Gas Hero Plumbing Expert fixing a hot water systemLocal plumber on stand by
High Pressure Jetting
CCTV Drain Inspection
Blocked Storm Water

CCTV pipe inspections

CCTV drain inspection is a process in which we literally insert a CCTV camera into your drains and sewer pipes. This allows our team of experts to identify any potential problems with your drainage system without having to dig anything up. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run as it can help to avoid any major repair work that may be required if the problem is left unchecked.

Damaged drain pipes

Most homeowners don't think about their drain pipes until there's a problem. But if you have damaged drain pipes, it's important to take care of them right away, otherwise you could end up with a serious problem on your hands. A lot of the time you may not even realize you have a problem with your drains or pipes. Sometimes, the damage can be minor and you might not notice any problems, but other times, the damage can be more significant and you might start to see water leaking from your pipes. If you see water leaking, it's important to call our plumbers right away.

Garden waste blocking your pipes

If you have a garden, chances are you may have garden waste that finds its way into your drains. Garden waste can build up over time and cause blockages in your stormwater drain that you may not be able to see or reach. This is where we come in. Our CCTV drain camera inspections often uncover garden waste prohibiting stormwater flow. Garden waste can include leaves, twigs, and even small branches, all of which can cause blockages in your drain system, and should be removed once found.

Collapsed pipes and drains

There are a number of reasons why stormwater pipes collapse. One of the most common reasons is due to corrosion. Over time, the pipes can corrode and weaken, eventually leading to a collapse. Another reason for pipe collapse is due to ground movement. This can be caused by things like earthquakes, sinkholes, or even just the natural settling of the ground over time. When the ground moves, it can put stress on the pipes and cause them to collapse. A collapsed drain pipe can cause severe flooding, so if you’re experiencing this and are not sure why, our CCTV inspection could reveal why.

Our process

Inspect the Drain with CCTV

(Inspect what has caused it to block)

Clear the Drain

(with our high equipped
high pressure jet blasting)

Repair the Drain

(Finding you a Permanent Solution
rather than a Temporary fix)

Foreign objects in sewer pipes

Wet wipes, jewelry, toys, even hair and soap scum can clog your sewer pipes. Hair can become tangled around objects in the pipes, while soap scum can build up and create a barrier that prevents water from flowing through. If you have small children, you may find that toys or other objects have been flushed down the toilet, as well as make up wipes. Sometimes the only way to know what has found its way down your sewer pipes is to have a CCTV pipe inspection carried out.

Cooking fats and oils down the kitchen sink?

Probably the most common blockage we find is from fat and oil being poured down the kitchen sink. Most people know that they shouldn’t pour oil down the sink, but many don’t know why, or think that a small amount here or there won’t cause any harm. Pouring oil down your sink can clog your pipes and cause serious damage. When oil cools, it can solidify and cling to the sides of your pipes. Over time, this build-up can narrow your pipes and cause blockages. This can lead to costly repairs or even replacement. Our CCTV camera inspection will determine if your kitchen sink is blocked by fats and oils.

Tree root infestation damage

If you have a tree near your home, you may be at risk from tree root damage to your drains and water pipes. Tree roots can grow into and block water pipes, causing major problems for your home’s drains, stormwater pipes, and sewers. Tree roots are naturally attracted to water and will grow towards water sources, like water pipes. Once the roots reach the water pipes, they can grow into the pipes and block them. This can cause major problems for your home, including water damage and flooding. A CCTV sewer inspection may be the only way to determine if this is affecting your pipes and drains.

Our customers

Christopher Chow

I called Hero Plumbing to unblock a shower drain and was unable to get a quote over the phone, but Sam the owner was here same day. After his first try, he made quick work of the blockage. I opted to also get the acid cleaner stuff poured down. Sam had run out, but made a trip to go pick some up to finish the job. If you opt for this treatment make sure you can easily air the bathroom as it’s extremely strong and produces a lot of fumes. Great Service and Honest Pricing.

Sarah Lincon

Hero Plumbing has been excellent since there first phone call.
I spoke to a gentlemen names Sam which he organised a technician to come and replace our hot water heater.
The technician was excellent called me 30mins before arrival explained the whole job to me and gave me an upfront price.
Excellent work Hero team.
We are a Hero member now and always look forward to working with them.

Jared Evans

We've used Hero Plumbing previously. Both times reliable and flexible with changing times (helpful during covid ISO periods!)
Hayden was on time and explained the issue clearly, fixed it,then also did some extra checks on water pressure and taps to ensure there were no underlying issues.
Would recommend their services.

Denzi K

Hero Plumbing has been our go to plumber for years.

They replaced our hot water system with excellent workmanship, professionalism and in a timely manner - as always!

Hayden Davidson

Brilliant service from the first phone call to Hero Plumbing as Sam the manager booked us in very efficiently. I received a confirmation  email, a phone call on approach and all went smoothly & work conducted was beautiful . The team did a great job even dig up on our sewer and cut concrete & repaired the issue and our sewer is running like a dream.
Thanks for your great efforts guys!


Victoria Barmina

I knew Sam when he was working alone. And from the first time I was pleasantly surprised by his work. A little later I found out that he has his own business. I am very happy about that. And I am very glad for myself that I have such a company that I can always rely on.

Thank you for your work. People need you very much.

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